Stanton Moor

The Nine Ladies were at their silent magical best on this crisp beautiful afternoon.the mid afternoon sun cast a spell across the circle. Silently we paid our respects in a hushed wonder.Sometimes nature is transcendent and all you can do is rest in that presence. The universe greets you with love and blessed with her bounty. Our role in this drama is to rest and be aware. It is in these moments we realise just how meaningless much of what we are encouraged to strive for will not satisfy our souls.Begin in silence and the present moment .We have to make space in life for these gifts.       It’s all we really have. Namaste.

Dec 12,13,14.

Mid December! Fog bound for days.Everything is still.The land is enveloped in the blanket of low cloud. Bare trees once laden with leaves etched against the bleakness. The stillness is tangible and I let it quieten my soul .

Midweek! Clear blue skies ,the sun is even slightly warm! The light is sharp.Still no wind ,it’s a beautiful day! We get out passing a hidden place where I left a picture ( it’s yours if you find it). It is a day to delight in after the gloom. Nature is quiet though. We come across a track way of funghi as we meander along. The sunset is just breathtaking and we stop and stare in wonder before heading home. Darkness falls and the moon rises ,huge and orange through the trees.






Listening : Tim Story “Perfect Flaw”

“Peace in the Puzzle” paintings for Easter Contemplation.

I have always had a plan to create a sacred space for contemplation and art so this winter I have been clearing out my small but lovely studio space with a plan to hold a series of small exhibitions entitled ” micro ex”. They open for one afternoon and then are available to view by arrangement for two weeks. “Peace in the Puzzle” was the first micro ex . Visitors have been very complimentory and enthusiastic about the idea .A short video is available to view on the lhs1 facebook page. I love the idea of a no pressure situation where the artwork is available just to be enjoyed. All welcome .The next micro ex will be later on in April. Details soon. Kx