Turn Turn Turn….

Reading and finishing “The Outrun” by Amy Liptrot (read it please). February  doesn’t know what to do ! Fog ,wind ,rain ,spring sunshine… Fortunately nature does know what to do! The first signs of spring. Early on Sunday I was woken by a blackbird singing! First time this year! A walk down town via the rookery and sure enough the gang were chasing and mewing,pairing off and generally busying  themselves in the tree tops. By the river the Mallards are very active. Havnt seen a goldfinch in the garden this year until yesterday .One called in for a chat as I was cutting back the sage bush. Last night around 11-30 pm as I was reading in bed (H is for Hawk) I heard Tawny Owls . It’s been a while. So things may be on the turn ,there are even crocuses and snowdrops showing off.

Listening:  The Magnetic North “Orkney Symphony”


Weather Warning for the Peak District. Up to 15cm of snow expected over night.Buxton Weather Watch was on high alert.Rumours of panic buying in the supermarkets. Sunday morning and there is nothing. Just after breakfast a few flakes of sleety snow come in on the easterly wind whipping in from Beeley Moor and beyond. We soon have a “blizzard” but it’s nothing too serious. Putting our best gear we head on out towards the mast near Sheldon. The walk is slightly upward and the sleet is settling as snow higher up. Someone has disgarded the contents of their kitchen bin at the top of Crow Hill Lane and we wonder why.After a mile or so we encounter a pheasant with no tail! He is unable to fly and scurrys frantically in the hedge side in confusion. I suspect he could be supper for Mr Fox later.At the mast it is a white out but nothing too serious. Exhilarating stuff as we turn into the wind and sleety snow. Half a dozen Rooks swirl and battle the wind.Facing North East towards the Yorkshire border everything is encased in grey the wind in our faces.Back home I put a couple of logs on the stove and settle down with my birthday book from Liz. “Outrun” by Amy Liptrot. I highly recommend this fantastic memoir of the authors life transforming encounter with nature .Brave ,lyrical and astonishing. Read this book!

Listening : “Colourless Fields” Piblokto