Lathkill Dale (march 6)

After a period of very inclement weather March delivers the goods. Lathkill is glorious.The river is full,flowing freely ,the first time in ages there is enough water to bypass the old mine workings that cause the river to almost dry up in summer.Tufted Ducks ,goosanders ,swans ,mallards coots ,moorhens and dippers.Everything is alive. ┬áThe sky is blue ,the sun is warm dappling through the still bare branches. At Bateman’s House we relax in the tranquility. The ghosts of old miners can be heard in the underground stream as it gurgles away through the ancient underground caverns. We can hear buzzards somewhere then they appear swirling above the trees mewing to each other. Happiness ? You can’t buy this feeling of belonging . Still and peaceful with just the sounds of Spring for company. Thank you.

Listening : Pefkin “liminal rites