Arbor Low Intervention 06/10/16

20161006_150643Our visiting friend Maarit from Helsinki will soon be heading home so it seemed prudent to visit Arbor Low with her as she has fallen in love with the ancient Peak District. The Spirits blessed us with a magnificent afternoon just perfect for an intervention to honour the arrival of October. Our companions were a large gathering of Rooks who were feasting on a nearby freshly harrowed field. Arguing and bickering the would explode into the sky like living graffiti before settling back down to feed.


Edges 22:9:16 Autumn Equinox

20160922_151709Maarit ( my artist friend visiting from Finland) is longing to go up high so myself ,Sue and Maarit head out to Curbar Edge. The day is perfect and there are quite a few walkers and day trippers around. We make friends with a Wheatear who hangs around us for a while, there are Kestrels,Buzzards and the usual Corvid clan  . You can see for miles in all directions , the view North towards Stanage is dramatic. I have brought my Equinox painting inspired by Julia Hüilsman’s great album “The End of Summer” . My plan is for the picture to interact with the landscape, a favourite occupation of mine along with photographer  Billy Bye who was not able to accompany us today. We pick a few blackberries and move on to Fox House and the Surprise View. Can there be a more beautiful place to be . We cannot resist an ice cream – why not !!




Stanton Moor 19:9:16

A quick return to Stanton Moor with my artist friends Maarit Paavilainen and Jenny Fry. It’s their first time on the Moor so we have fun and I regail them with the little information I possess about the ancient stones. They do some sketching while I create a “Ritual Stone Intervention” . Another beautiful afternoon ,Stanton is silent allowing us to go about our business with due reverence. Magical.