The Memory House Live.

As part of my curatorship at Bakewell Old House Museum we had a multi media event “Live” on the 20th May. Music from Dean Mcphee and Jim Ghedi​ and Neal visual by Richard Hildebrand , words from Nicky Crewe, Photography from Billy Bye and his video work with yours truly .I also exhibited work.A fantastic turn out on what turned out to be a special night.

February 3rd

After celebrating St Brigid’s Day and the returning light on the 2nd Billy Bye joined me for a wander to Robin Hood’s Stride and the Nine Ladies Close. The conditions are quiet and fairly lifeless only the cry of two circling buzzards bring any excitement.We are slightly upset by some “new age ” ephemera hanging from one of the trees on the Stride. It seems so pointless ! Nine Ladies Close has only the four magical standing stones that sit proudly looking out over the White Peak.Still a fantastic experience to be among them.


Listening : a year in the country “the Forest”


Five Wells.

Friend and collaborator @Billy Bye arrives for cheese scones and coffee. It’s not long before we head out. The morning is blustery in that typical mid September way not summer and not autumn .We head high Billy is wanting Low Horizons and I know where to find them. The views are amazing ,the wind batters our faces but we are where we love to be. The clouds clear ,we catch sight of a flock of rooks and jackdaws crossing the skyline. It’s perfect.





Livid bruised the clouds in glowering ferment,

of purple grey , of black and brown.

Gilded highlights hint the obscured glory,

Silent tumulus , all stones cast down.

So seeming Nature  here conspiring

Reveal a face of God she gives not leave.

Yet pierced by beams of lambent beauty,

Divinity’s bar code I perceive.


Wonderful words from my friend the poet D.E. Siddons inspired by the Peak District seem to fit perfectly. Billy Bye’s video of the day is below.