Satori Album Launch

Lots of folks at Bank St Arts for this wonderful night. Jim’s band performed over an hour of improvisations based on the Satori album. I was joined by Sampa Mlenga and Edith Rothwell painting responses to the music. Jade Crowe provided digital projection. A really great evening.


Bank St Arts


Jim Ghedi – Satori


Event Dates

20:00 – late

Jim Ghedi – Satori : Album Launch

£5 entry on the door. There will in fact be a bar.

An Art Installation where artists and musicians explore outside the boundaries of performance, interacting and responding to each other collectively creating a piece of work allowing the audience to be a part of it’s presentation.

With 3 painting artists:
Keith How
Sampa Mulenga
Edith Rothwell

A digital projectionist:
Jade- Pollard Crow

An 8 piece band of musicians performing an hours long improvisational piece inspired from the material taken from the album Satori.
Jim Ghedi (Guitar, Alto Sax, Vocals)
Graham Mcelarney (Harp)
Ric Booth (Guitar)
Neal Heppleston (Double Bass)
Llewelyn Moss (viola)
Ben Eckersley (Cello)
Ben Hoblyn (Trumpet)
Herve Perez (Tenor Saxophone, Digital samples/manipulations)

After the event has taken place there will be a DJ set from Alex Keegan (Bat Makumba) playing some sounds to uplift till late

Royston Grange

Spring days of wonder . Walking in the Ancient Peakland. A raven’s lonely “Kronk” , the Buzzard wheels high. Deep crisp blue skies. Fresh green fields and moors. Sharp shadows from trees and walls. Imagination fed by Sun RA and Lonnie Liston Smith. Somethings coming…