Rain and more rain. We get soaked on more than one occasion in the driving rain. But we have a Bullfinch visit the garden.This is very rare. Also a close encounter with a Kestrel out near Longnor. Blackbirds are showing interest in our hedge with a desire to nest again. Happily my fears that the Rooks had left the nearbye woods after some trees had been removed are unfounded as there are a few nests appearing.

like Spring

Out on the Rivendell Round this morning. It is uncannily warm and I dont really like it. We are still in January. In the hedgerow the birds are active. A Blackbird is singing and there are more than a few Robins and Dunnocks busying themselves. Sadly the joy of the day is tainted by some dead moles trapped and killed then hung on barbed wire. I cannot understand this practice. Moles . Those harmless and beautiful creatures butchered. I am reduced to tears pondering what we are doing to the balance of nature. For what ? Do we deserve to live here?