Keith How

2019 open studio/Oxfam Secret gardens

2019 plien air interactive street painting .Buxton Art Trail.

2019 “Iceland, light & air” Isla Fine Art. Buxton.

2019 Live Painting . unknown forest near Sodankyla Sami Lapland.

2019 “in search of a New Iconography” non permanent installation. old Church Sodankyla Sami Lapland.

2019 ” golem altars” non permanent street art.       Reykjavik Iceland.

2019 residency at Isla Fine Art Buxton

2018  How Studio Gallery Breilow Buxton

2018  Isla Fine Art “low horizons” Buxton                                 2018  How.        Chatsworth Fair Chatsworth House

2018 How Live Painting @Isla Fine Art .  Buxton Festival

2018 How/Bye “land marks & other Stories” Derby Open Arts

2018 Bye&How Season long installation “O.H.M. Bakewell

2018 How/others “A4” Tyumen State Uni. Oblast Russia

2017 How.  Featured Artist “Isla fine Art” Buxton

2017  How  residency at LoughranHague       Bakewell                                                                           2017  How  “memories” Bakewell O.H.M.

2017  How/Bye “Life in the Air Age ” lhs1 Bakewell

2017 How The Old Mill Gallery Palnachie Scotland

2017 How/Ghedi/Hay Live Old Mill Gallery Palnachie Scotland

2017 How/Bye The Memory House Live . O.HM. Bakewell

2017   How “times past discovered” the memory house Bakewell

2017  How ” intervention,” St Harmons Church Rhayader

2016/17How/Gofannon Forge “Birds” CARAD Rhayader Wales

2016  How/Paralel  “placement interventions” Various locations Barcelona

2016. How,Bye “a sense of place” Arbor Low ,upper oldhams Buxton

2016. How. Live + exhibit Nuture:Art:Nature F.L.Gallery Taddington

2016 How,Bye,others “remnants”Bakewell

2016. How,Bye,Maklakov “nihilism of forms” lhs1Bakewell                                                                  2016   How.     “peace in the Puzzle “.  lhs1 Bakewell

2016 How :” WPGContemporaries ” Whitepeakhouse Gallery Bakewell

2016 How : live painting withGhedi/Hay WPG Bakewell

2015 How/Bye intermittent transmissions Lighthouse Gallery Wolverhampton

2015 How/Jenkins. October rise of the fall Whitepeakhouse Gallery  Bakewell

2015 How       transmit Beautiful 23.     Rose Theatre Chesterfield

2015 How/others.        “Summertide” White Peakhouse Gallery Bakewell

2015 How/            ” Echoes of 41 Second ” secret location Guerrilla Show

2015 How/ others                         “White Peakhouse Gallery, Bakewell

2015  How/others         “Plien AIR” FINLAND/POLAND /UK. Collaboration Finland

2015  how                  improvisation with Sykedelia band “ANNIS” , Pori, Finland

2015   How/Stone                                                      “Essence”   P Galleria , Pori , Finland

2015  How/I.A.C.                                “White Peak Dark Peak ”  Old House Museum Bakewell

2015  How                                    “41 Second”           Lea Mill  Matlock

2014   How/ Bye/Stone/    “Wild Raven”     Old House Museum, Bakewell

2014   How/Bye   ‘Spirits 2″                                    Low Horizons Studio Bakewell

2014  How      “Illustrating Jim Ghedi”                           Bank St. Arts   Sheffield

2014   How/others  ” Art as a Political Expression” Bank St Arts   Sheffield

2014   How                           Dame Catherine School Arts   Derby

2014  How   Improvisational Painting, Heretics Folk Club Riverside Sheffield

2014  How        “Private View” Low Horizons Studio Bakewell

2014 How/Stone  “COLOUR” Low Horizons Studio Bakewell

2014 How  Bloc Projects Improvisational Painting Sheffield
2014 How “MONO” Low Horizons Studio Bakewell

2014 How/Bye “Spirits” Gallery 1 Repton Derby

2014 How Godzilla Improvisational painting Rude Shipyard Sheffield

2014 How/ Others Curbar Art Show 2014 Curbar , Derbyshire

2014       How/Others       Great Sheffield Art Show  , Octagon , Sheffield

2014       Solo                          Derbyshire Open Arts , Bakewell

2014      “Satori” Improvisational Painting live Bank St Arts Sheffield

2014       ” Grievances” Fanzine U.S.A. Work included in issue 1

2014      “In Residence”   Keith How/Debbie Stone Nice Cafe Bakewell

2013      “Dashanka Junction” Blog Illustrations Project for Zali Krishna       

2013      Performance Painting with Jim Ghedi Fallow Cafe   Manchester

2013      Keith How/Debbie Stone/others “Art For Africa” Nice Cafe Bakewell

2013      Performance Painting in the open air Fox House /Jim Ghedi video shoot

2013      Keith How/others Salon 3, the Old Lock Up Gallery Cromford.

2013      SOLO Bank Street Arts , Sheffield  “Satori “Project Artwork

2013       Sensoria 2013  Bank Street Arts Performance Painting with Jim Ghedi (guitar, vocals,treatments)

2013      SOLO Tramlines Festival Audacious Art Experiment.Performance Painting with  Musicians Jim Ghedi /Neil Hepplestone .

2013     How/Others     Great Longstone Art Show

2013      Rogers/How ‘ Between Nothingness and Eternity”  Galleria Elise PoriFINLAND        Finland

2013      SOLO             Derbyshire Open Arts    “Low Horizons Studio”           Bakewell   UK

2013      How/Others    Curbar Arts Show                           Curbar Hall             Curbar     UK

2012      How/Yeld Arts  “Lab 1”                                           Photogallery         Bakewell   UK

2012      How/Bye         “Derbyshire a Mystical Landscape’  Kings Court         Bakewell  UK

2012      SOLO             “Selected Ambient Works”                Cafe Nice            Bakewell  UK

2012      How/Others     Great Longstone Art Show                                     Peak District  UK

2012      SOLO               “The Stanton Moor Project” Bakewell Arts Festival    Bakewell  UK

2012      SOLO               “Snapshots” Retrospective  The Hermitage Gallery   Bakewell  UK

2011      SOLO              “Festival Front”    Bakewell Arts Festival                      Bakewell  UK

2011      Rogers/How      “Horizons Touched”             Gallerie Elise  Pori   FINLAND     Finland

2011      Rogers/How        “Horizons Touched”            Vanha Savu Merikavia FINLAND   Finland

2011      How/Others       “ Matter”            Red Gate Gallery Brixton   LONDON          London        UK

2011      SOLO                 “Private View”       Rivendell Gallery                         Bakewell  UK

2011      How /Others        Warehouse Art    Guerilla Show         SHEFFIELD                     Sheffield   UK

2010      Rogers/How      “ Low Horizons “    Portraits Galleria       Pori    FINLAND      Finland

2010      SOLO                “keefagonals”         Bakewell Arts Festival                Bakewell   UK

2010     How/ Other          “Another View”                         FINLAND                      Normarkku   Finland

2009      SOLO               “ New Work”           Bakewell Bookshop                     Bakewell  UK