What a couple of weeks. Flying out to Pori Finland for my exhibition with John Rogers at Galleria Elise. A great opening night and a brilliant response.

Back to Sheffield to do “LIVE ART” . Painting while Jim Ghedi and Neal Heppleston played songs from the forthcoming album “Satori ” . I named my piece “Satori” as I painted directly on to the wall at The Audacious Art Experiment.

Coming up next I will be exhibiting in the Great Longstone Art Show .

If you have time check out

to view images from Pori and Sheffield……

” between nothingness and eternity” Gallerie ELISE 12-27 july 2013

“Between Nothingness and Eternity”.


Artists Notes:

“ Above the toil of life my soul

Is a Bird of Fire winging the Infinite” (Sri Chinmoy).


paintings inspired by the record “ Birds of Fire” by Mahavishnu Orchestra and the poems of Sri Chimnoy .


front cover : “The Red Thread”                           ( acrylic) .

side one

  1. ‘Birds of Fire”                                                  ( mixed media)
  2. “Miles Beyond (Miles Davis) “                         ( acrylic)
  3. “Celestial Terrestrial Commuters”                   ( mixed media)
  4. “Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love “                      (mixed media on vintage plywood)
  5. “Thousand Island Park”                                  (acrylic)
  6. “ Hope ”                                                           (acrylic)

Side two

  1. “ One Word”                                                    (mixed media)
  2. “Sanctuary”                                                     (acrylic)
  3. “ Open Country Joy”                                        (oils)
  4. “Resolution”                                                    (acrylic)


back cover : “Beyond Nothingness and Eternity” ( acrylic)


Journey’s End:  “The Golden Eye of the Supreme”.


The inspiration for these paintings finds me seeking to break free of former ideas and concepts . “ Miles Beyond “ (2) was a breakthrough . Inspired by the space and freedom found in the intricate music I discovered the “zen calligraphy” that echoes through nature . Branches , star clusters, bird flight , winding rivers and horizons , leaf and stalk shapes. They are all around but we often miss their beauty and message.

” Between Nothingness and Eternity ” at Galleryia Elise ,Pori, Finland

All but one piece now winging their way to Finland . Prints and cards all done , thank you Billy Bye!

12 pieces plus a surprise . All titles interconnected with “the Red Thread between nothingness and eternity” and The Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “Birds of Fire ” album .

Please check the link to The Red Thread ” Tumblr site on my home page for further insights, musings and inspirations folks

Derbyshire Open Arts

Preparations begin in earnest for D.O.A. exhibition at home on May 25 ,26 ,27. Deciding which images to reproduce as prints

Keith How “Low Horizons”

I am fascinated by the relationship and energy found between the sky and the land and am seeking to express this interaction in abstract impressionism and other forms. Contact the artist about the Preview evening.

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