Adder march 9

A glorious March day finds if wandering on the Eastern moorland .The day is truly lovely with a warmth in the sun . The highlight of the day was finding a sunbathing Adder by the side of path .What a beautiful creature he was. He was certainly sleepy but once aware of us the snake casually slipped away into the undergrowth.A wonderful gift. We were making our way back commenting on the lack of bird life when almost out of nowhere a Hen Harrier flushed a lark (?) into the air and proceeded​ to catch him in mid flight. Absolutely amazing. The hawk took his prey to ground before flying overhead​ his catch clearly visible in his talons. Our day was capped by a pair of beautiful Ravens , their glossy plumage glistening in the afternoon sunlight, landing close by, unconcerned by our presence. Tea and flapjack with a great view rounded things off perfectly!

Listening : Pefkin/Bell Lungs