The Old House Museum, Bakewell

This year at the Old House Museum I am curating a series of exhibitions​/installations on the theme of memories. Called ” the Memory House” we begin with my own personal installation “Times Past Discovered” .Found photography and memorabilia from my lost family history. A lovely opportunity ! Thanks to Anita Spencer at the Museum. My show lasts until May when a new exhibition will magically appear.details soon.


Listening :Toby Hay “The Gathering”

Elan Valley

A fantastic few days with Toby Hay in Rhayader. We said goodbye to CARAD and took down the ,Four Birds Exhibition after the extended run. Toby took me all around the area . Mountains ,moorlands, forests Red Kites ,Raven and Buzzards.Such a fantastic place I thought I was in Lord of the Rings.we had a snowfall in the Cambrian Mountains which was so beautiful! I loved it there and hopefully back in the Summer to do something special

Listening : The Gloaming

Adder march 9

A glorious March day finds if wandering on the Eastern moorland .The day is truly lovely with a warmth in the sun . The highlight of the day was finding a sunbathing Adder by the side of path .What a beautiful creature he was. He was certainly sleepy but once aware of us the snake casually slipped away into the undergrowth.A wonderful gift. We were making our way back commenting on the lack of bird life when almost out of nowhere a Hen Harrier flushed a lark (?) into the air and proceeded​ to catch him in mid flight. Absolutely amazing. The hawk took his prey to ground before flying overhead​ his catch clearly visible in his talons. Our day was capped by a pair of beautiful Ravens , their glossy plumage glistening in the afternoon sunlight, landing close by, unconcerned by our presence. Tea and flapjack with a great view rounded things off perfectly!

Listening : Pefkin/Bell Lungs

Minninglow (march 7)

Another glorious day. The ancient is calling . Minninglow . The sun is warm and the ancient site awaits . Breathe in the air ,the views are spectacular and we have fun creating an offering to the spirits of place. Sue spots a Buzzard so high it is almost out of site .He or She is joined by a partner and they mew to each other high above.It is hard to leave such a special place on a day like today. Just as we are moving off the familiar “cronk” of a Raven .Not one but two .They bless us by flopping and swooping ,their strange noises echoing down to us.They head off South West and we follow.

Listening : Piblokto “colourless fields”