February 11

St Brigid’s celebration has brought winter to the Peaks . A week of cold a bleak weather cumulating in days of not snow.Icy rain that acts like snow but doesn’t actually do anything.But it is cold. Some walking with heads down rugged up in warm gear but not much to see.Nature never lets you down .One day we spend ten minutes watching a Barn Owl on the hunt in the late afternoon ,another day a Green Woodpecker flits in and out of the trees in Chee Dale! Down by the canal there is a dead pike on the towpath !How did it get there ?. Leaden skies and sleet give no light on the 11th. The bird feeders in the garden are quite .Still the stove is warm ,my birthday book “Outrun” by Amy Liptrot is inspiring as are two new¬† l/ps from Piblokto.

Listening : Piblokto ” imperfection” , “Colourless Fields”