Toby Hay ep release + Exhibition at CARAD Rhayader

I had an epic 3 days in Rhayader with Toby Hay ,Jim Ghedi and the Gofannon Forge massive Tom and Nick! CARAD is a great venue and the set up worked so well. The sculptures created by Tom and Nick are truly magnificent and it was thrilling to see it all come together considering we had no idea what each other was creating ! The launch night was terrific with fantastic performances from Jim Ghedi ,David Ian Roberts and Toby himself . A great success all round and a privilege to be involved.A special mention to Paul Hay for the may varieties of whisky and Carol Hay for the lovely food and warm welcome.I felt like family from the moment Bear the dog jumped on me. There are lots of photos on the various social media sites .I have around 25 paintings on show until Christmas. I will post a few up occasionally.P lease  check out the musicians on Cambrian Records and if you are so inclined support them, they are truly lovely people . Thanks to everyone at CARAD who welcomed me so warmly and to the many people who came to the show.20161119_172145