Nov.9. Snow?

We awake to a crisp morning and the predicted snow fall is just a covering on the higher ground of Longstone Edge. We head out after lunch towards Buxton on the trail .There is more snow to the North West but we have escaped with only rain.Our walk is brisk and rewarding ¬†enhanced by a huge gathering of jackdaws and rooks rising from the fields ¬†loudly complaining at each other. They are soon put in their place by a magnificent Raven. His “Kronk” made it clear just who was in charge as he flew west. About 500 starlings joined in the fun.

20161109_143453Later more activity from about 300 gulls also feeding on a recently fertilised field . You kind of wish they would go back to the coast but they are fairly spectacular in the afternoon sun. The final icing on the cake is a close encounter with a Kestrel intent on finding an afternoon snack.


Listening : Toby Hay. Birds ep