October 25 : Van Morrison

One of Van’s great songs begins “On a Golden Autumn Day”. That was today. Still, clear and fresh . We wandered out on a back lane taking in the beauty and the colours on the trees. Only the odd leaf made the journeyto the path from above. We disturbed a couple of Chaffinches in the hedgerow and I was bemoaning the fact that there were hardly any Greenfinches around. Also that the Yellowhammer had disappeared from this lane where a few years ago there were two or three pairs. My biggest sadness is the Lapwing (Peewit or GreenPlover) .There was always a large flock in the fields around us but now just the occasional pair can be seen. Then to my delight in the distance ,as if to confound my sadness, about 20 Lapwings rose from a field about a quarter of a mile away their white markings shining in the afternoon sun. Nature!! Always there with a surprise!!