October 14 : edgelands again.

Out on the edgelands/border with Staffordshire with our great pals Steve and Carole. We explore the stillness of Beresford Dale and Wolfescott Dale. Climbing up the very steep Gypsy Bank we are greeted by fantastic views. Taking a little known trackway we find ourselves at the ancient barrow at Pea Low. After sandwiches and tea we head towards Narrow Dale saddened by the pile of rubbish and a half burned sheep carcass left by the land owner. The ancients left us traces of their history in the landscape to wonder about. We just leave our unwanted detritus. The old trail of Narrowdale greets us .Old Waymarker stones are now incorporated into the walls.Overhead a gang of jackdaws hassle a buzzard.Back at the car park fly fishermen are packing up their tackle. A great day.




Listening : Mark Isham “Tibet”