Carlton Pastures Tues. 26Sept.

There is a light drizzle as we set out and the surrounding hills are shrouded in low cloud. This only adds to the atmosphere and place.The breeze is warm and I feel hot under my coat.Two buzzards are worried by carrion crows while a kestrel has no luck finding his lunch. The pastures have been re-seeded since our Spring time walk here. Now the land holds a flock of gulls including a large immature Black Backed gull. I reflect on the fact that years ago the fields here were full of Lapwings and you could watch their chicks in the grass. No Lapwings now sadly.I kind of wish the gulls would clear off back to the coast! The cloud cover clears to the West and the sun peeks through and the land lightens. There are more gulls and a pair of Pied Wagtails at the small mere. We fill our lungs with the fresh air and listen to the wind in the trees.




Listening : Pefkin ” last rays of summer”



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  1. Thank you for the feeling of sharing your walk in your beloved landscape. Just watched your videos – very moving. I am inspired by your approach to blogging, and by how the artistic perspective shows up everywhere as a way of experiencing the world, inner and outer. Cheers

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