Stanton Moor late afternoon.Warm and uncannily still as the Moor often can be.A sense of waiting hangs in the air.Autumn is in the wings. The Nine Ladies stone circle is a focal point for most visitors but often the quiet forgotten corners of the moorland are where the magic waits hidden among the silent  Oak groves and birches .The stones have their own power but when tourists are doing their thing and those with a more irreverent motive are present the circle remains silent.Good to see the oak tree by the stones shorn of the vestments of the needy .Pay homage yes, say a prayer by all means but hanging plastic regalia is hardly a token of reverence. Digging coins into the tree is even worse !! Best leave no trace  just hold the memories and moments in the heart! The old oak near the trig point is my favourite tree. His back bent against the elements I suspect he will outlive me.The view is awesome and as ever the huge sky reminds me that I am here for just a moment! Make the most of each minute and as you pass by leave a smile !


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