The Psychedelic Peaks 27:9:16

Arbor Low! I packed peanut butter,bananna and honey sarnies ,loaded up with sketchbook and drawing materials and headed off. A glorious day. Walking up to the ancient stones the wind was humming through the now yellowing grasses.Overhead the clouds were chasing each other southwards.I dine at Gib Hill looking west.Totally alone I wander back to the stone circle and lay out on the centre stone watching the sky. To my amazement and joy I am treated to a 15 minute natural psychedelic light show in the form of an elongated ” Corona”. My breath is taken away by this amazing experience. My photos in no way are able to reflect the wonder of this experience!



Listening : Mark Isham “TIBET”.

Tues Sept 26 evening

Our evening walk is a bit of a ritual.”let’s go see the owl”.Sadly the owl, a Barn Owl ,20160927_184652-01 no longer lives in the dilapidated barn about a mile away. Now where abouts unknown I fear the worst. Sometimes at dusk we do encounter a pair of Little Owls .This evening the sunset is almost beyond description once again. Purple,pink and then a fiery orange the whole sky seems on fire and then gone. Nature is always speaking to us ,calling us to wonder but all too often we are just not listening.

Carlton Pastures Tues. 26Sept.

There is a light drizzle as we set out and the surrounding hills are shrouded in low cloud. This only adds to the atmosphere and place.The breeze is warm and I feel hot under my coat.Two buzzards are worried by carrion crows while a kestrel has no luck finding his lunch. The pastures have been re-seeded since our Spring time walk here. Now the land holds a flock of gulls including a large immature Black Backed gull. I reflect on the fact that years ago the fields here were full of Lapwings and you could watch their chicks in the grass. No Lapwings now sadly.I kind of wish the gulls would clear off back to the coast! The cloud cover clears to the West and the sun peeks through and the land lightens. There are more gulls and a pair of Pied Wagtails at the small mere. We fill our lungs with the fresh air and listen to the wind in the trees.




Listening : Pefkin ” last rays of summer”



Edges 22:9:16 Autumn Equinox

20160922_151709Maarit ( my artist friend visiting from Finland) is longing to go up high so myself ,Sue and Maarit head out to Curbar Edge. The day is perfect and there are quite a few walkers and day trippers around. We make friends with a Wheatear who hangs around us for a while, there are Kestrels,Buzzards and the usual Corvid clan  . You can see for miles in all directions , the view North towards Stanage is dramatic. I have brought my Equinox painting inspired by Julia Hüilsman’s great album “The End of Summer” . My plan is for the picture to interact with the landscape, a favourite occupation of mine along with photographer  Billy Bye who was not able to accompany us today. We pick a few blackberries and move on to Fox House and the Surprise View. Can there be a more beautiful place to be . We cannot resist an ice cream – why not !!





On my own today ,I make cheese and pickle sandwiches and head off for Magpie Mine. The ghosts of the old  miners hang in the mid September breeze and I am filled with a sense of melancholy.The sky is a huge canopy of blue. Clouds drift along dappling the far Western horizon with sunlight. Silence apart from a handful of Rooks haggling over something unknown. I wander around for a while before heading home.



A Broken Consort “Crow Autumn”.



Stanton Moor 19:9:16

A quick return to Stanton Moor with my artist friends Maarit Paavilainen and Jenny Fry. It’s their first time on the Moor so we have fun and I regail them with the little information I possess about the ancient stones. They do some sketching while I create a “Ritual Stone Intervention” . Another beautiful afternoon ,Stanton is silent allowing us to go about our business with due reverence. Magical.