P-Galleria , Pori, Finland .”essence”

Bakewell , UK.
The work presented at P Galleria in June 2015 began with a dream . In this dream I was painting a Japanese tea cup created by potter John Rogers (Normarkku). I decided to paint the cup and this resulted in a whole series of pictures.
I am using the term ESSENCE  here as I am seeking to find truth in beauty and the imperfect .


All the pictures in the exhibition are reflecting the concept of holding or containing substances . A cup or glass holds liquid , and the human body contains “ spirit “ or “essence” of  being.
I like the idea that art can be experienced by feelings and emotions as well as by seeing.
As in life we are often “ broken “ or “cracked” so it is with material things.
Beauty is discovered by “looking “ and is not always found in perfection.
The aesthetic of “Wabi Sabi “ has been a great influence on my thinking this year and is reflected in all these paintings .
“ WABI SABI” : the beauty of things imperfect ,impermanent and incomplete
                           : the beauty of things modest and humble
                           : the beauty of things unconventional
The term wabi sabi is derived from two characters shared by Japanese and Chinese. Originally, wabi 侘 means ‘despondence’, and sabi  寂    means ‘loneliness’ or ‘solitude’. These are words for feelings, not for physical appearance of objects. The term embodies a refined aesthetic sensibility that was very evident in ancient Chinese art and literature.
The paintings were created under quiet and meditative  conditions and influenced by the work of Bernard Leach, John Rogers , Leonard Koren and the music of Masaya Kato , Dim Lights and Gallery Six , A Winged Victory for the Sullen , Stars of the Lid and  wind , rain and birdsong.
This is my 5th exhibition in Finland and I am delighted to return with these new works.