What is it about Autumn. I am filled with a melancholic spirit. The joy and fervour of Summer has faded away and the land calls deeply in my soul. Wandering the old paths and trails I am overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounds us .Even as life ebbs from the trees and grass the earth is bathed in ochres ,reds and yellows.A┬ásolitary crow call across the moor . At every corner there is a picture. Is it the light ? The sun is lower in the sky now , evening falls quickly. Everywhere is still as if waiting for Winter’s breath. In the dales the streams and rivers hurry along gurgling happily until they rest in swollen pools. In the quiet water Autumn is mirrored so clearly. A lemon yellow leaf floats to earth. A thousand starling pass overhead ,wings swooshing as they head to the murmer gathering. In the dying light we hear the Tawny Owl call from the wood. The Green Man has lain down in some hidden glade .

The quiet earth waits , death is at hand…