October / November

The heat has finally left. The conservatory welcomes each morning with atmospheric conditions. Pale grey skies pierced by cold sunlight. Clouds skim across the horizon , gulls ,rooks and jackdaws wheel and scatter in the wind .A candle burns in the hearth.The land calls . STANAGE, BLEAKLOW, MINNINGLOW, STANTON, PARSLEY HAY, HARTINGTON STATION. The frivolity of my summer works ,full of color ,life and jazz stare back at me from the walls of my studio and house. They know I’m hearing another voice . The sound of winter. CAIRN , CHAMBER , OLD PATH ,  BARROW , ALCHEMY , ANCIENT, ENTRANCE , SKY ,STRONGHOLD , FIRE , LAYER , STRONGHOLD , AIR , WATER .

My playlist is full of names such as : Tim Berne , Ketil Bjornstad , Iro Harla , Aaron Parks, Arve Henriksen.

Horizons are Low again.