More Thoughts on Performance Painting

Walking out in the Peaks today among the first flushes of Autumnal tints in the hedgerows my thoughts turned again to Expressionism and Nature Based Abstraction two themes close to my heart. I am still seeking to understand the connection between the organised chaos of the natural world and that zen still point in the midst of the seeming chaos. The natural world does not care or worry about the colors that are thrown together . They shouldn’t work together but they do .

The same applies with sound . So called discordant and experimental music , like abstraction, is often dismissed as noise yet to stop and pay attention reveals hidden moments of beauty . We are so trained for immediacy that there is no time to taste, think ,to listen or to look.

Allowing yourself to move with the music and color takes you beyond . There is no shape or form to copy, no tree and hill or bowl of fruit. New territory. This constant journey is motivation enough.




I find myself excited at the prospect of taking part in “SENSORIA” with Jim Ghedi again .Listening to him rehearse magically creating soundscapes with his guitar voice and samples is inspiring.




Todays walk revealed the calligraphy of bird flight , brush strokes in dying grasses and vibrancy in death.