” between nothingness and eternity” Gallerie ELISE 12-27 july 2013

“Between Nothingness and Eternity”.


Artists Notes:

“ Above the toil of life my soul

Is a Bird of Fire winging the Infinite” (Sri Chinmoy).


paintings inspired by the record “ Birds of Fire” by Mahavishnu Orchestra and the poems of Sri Chimnoy .


front cover : “The Red Thread”                           ( acrylic) .

side one

  1. ‘Birds of Fire”                                                  ( mixed media)
  2. “Miles Beyond (Miles Davis) “                         ( acrylic)
  3. “Celestial Terrestrial Commuters”                   ( mixed media)
  4. “Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love “                      (mixed media on vintage plywood)
  5. “Thousand Island Park”                                  (acrylic)
  6. “ Hope ”                                                           (acrylic)

Side two

  1. “ One Word”                                                    (mixed media)
  2. “Sanctuary”                                                     (acrylic)
  3. “ Open Country Joy”                                        (oils)
  4. “Resolution”                                                    (acrylic)


back cover : “Beyond Nothingness and Eternity” ( acrylic)


Journey’s End:  “The Golden Eye of the Supreme”.


The inspiration for these paintings finds me seeking to break free of former ideas and concepts . “ Miles Beyond “ (2) was a breakthrough . Inspired by the space and freedom found in the intricate music I discovered the “zen calligraphy” that echoes through nature . Branches , star clusters, bird flight , winding rivers and horizons , leaf and stalk shapes. They are all around but we often miss their beauty and message.