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October 31. Life and Death. Our Samhain celebration started with a favourite walk. The morning was still and slightly overcast. We encountered a greater spotted woodpecker (unusual) early on. After a couple of miles we paused only to hear a Crow’s call that echoed like a gunshot in the stillness. The land stretched out before us.Entering the wood was almost a reverential act .It seemed as though all of Nature was saying farewell to Summer and hello to Winter such was the quietness. We walked mostly in silence lost in our own thoughts and meditations .A late lunch of homemade parsnip and apple soup made for a perfect end to our excursion. As darkness fell I set up the Samhain portal mirrors and fire pit .The moon partially hidden watched over us as we lit the fire. Little Owls called from the fields beyond the garden as we stood quietly in the firelight.The fires consumed the years unhappy memories and we gave thanks for the goodness we have received. Winter and cold will come soon now along with warm jumpers ,boots and scarves. Time for enjoying the rhythm of the seasons and accepting the dark and cold , understand the meaning of “winter” and looking forward to the light of rejuvenation.


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October 2

A blustery westerly winds pushes us over the Moor. A solitary carrion crow watches us from a fencepost as we pass by. It is a splendid afternoon . Just off the beaten track we spot funghi in an old Oak grove and take a look. Further on we find the Nine Ladies sitting quietly now ,the tourist season over, and the Equinox revelers departed. That unique “special place” feel has returned. The wind continues  to annoy the birch and oak trees and  beautifully coloured leaves ,yellow red and ochre, skid through the air freed from their moorings. There are more funghi specimens hidden among the trees .The sky feel endless and the sun sends shafts of light all around. Near the entry gate the ground is littered with sweet chestnuts. Nature is not only bounteous but seemingly wasteful as well.



Listening:    Anne Briggs “comes a time”


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